Indiana Judo Members:

Indiana Judo promotions will be held on Saturday July 19, 2014 at 9:00am, hosted by Judan Judo in Portland, IN. If you or your student will be taking a Black Belt test from IJI, your paperwork must be in to Promotion Board by June 30, 2014. All promotion paperwork and requirements can be found on the state website

Jim Branson
10333 Quiet Drive
Indianapolis, IN. 46239

Judan Judo
324 North Commerce Street
Portland, IN 47371
(260) 726-7988

If you have any questions please contact me at (317) 797-1123 or

Thank you.

Jim Branson
President, Indiana Judo
— at 324 North Commerce Street Portland, IN 47371.

2014 America's Cup Judo Tournament
Pendleton, IN
Saturday, Sept 6, 2014
To qualify for advance registration rates must be
postmarked no later than August 30, 2014


Our Mission

Indiana Judo, Inc. is dedicated to enriching the
sport of judo in the state of Indiana by bringing
the entire Judo community together to share and
learn from each other, so as to become better
Judoka's and better people.

By teaching Judo and utilizing the principles of
Doctor Jigoro Kano to young and old alike, we
focus on fulfilling the needs of those within our
organization so they may help transform the sport
of judo on a National and International level.

We welcome all views regardless of ones age,
gender, style, heritage, race, or rank.

If you would like your event added to our calendar or a link posted to your Judo website, please e-mail your information to Bruce Bender and put Judo in your subject line.